5 Major RV Fails – Don’t Try This At Home

Most of these RV fails are something you may expect to see from a newcomer to the RV camping world. In reality, a couple of these particular fails were committed by drivers with some experience. What this tells us is that everyone needs to be careful and pay attention – no matter how new you are to RVing or how long you’ve been around.

Drive-thru Disaster

RV Drive-thru Disaster for NextRV.co  
5 Major RV Fails - Don't Try This At Home

There is a lot that can be said and asked about this particular photo. We get that your bathroom is right there behind you so you don’t need to use theirs. But really, “How lazy are you?” Park that rig and go inside to order. Now every hungry driver behind you that actually CAN make that turn has to do the parking or go elsewhere for their food.

Front-End Hauler

Front-end Hauler for NextRV.co  5 Major RV Fails - Don't Try This At Home

Even more questions after seeing this scary set-up. Maybe this driver has X-ray vision or does he enjoy looking through two windshields? Doesn’t he know that most travel trailers have a hitch IN BACK that is made for this rack. This is just an ugly wreck waiting to happen. Steer wide of this guy – he probably doesn’t even know you’re there.

Know Your Limits

Know Your Limits for NextRV.co 5 Major RV Fails - Don't Try This At Home

It appears this driver missed the class in elementary school when they covered measurement. You know, when they teach you unimportant things like height, length and width. “If you are approximately 12 to 14 feet tall, can you go under a bridge that is only 8 feet tall – without bending or smacking your head?” Of course, it appears he may have also had this camper RV on the truck backwards as well. Don’t skip school people.

No U-turns

No U-turn for NextRV.co 5 Major RV Fails - Don't Try This At Home

This photo is the number 1 most common RV fail. As you spend more time around RVers of all experience levels, you will witness the jackknifing of lots of rigs. Drivers of trucks pulling travel trailers and motorhomes pulling toads will both be guilty. Know BEFORE you go into a turn. The guy in this truck got himself into quite a pickle. Good luck getting out of it without some bumps, bruises and paint scrapes.

Tight Turn Ahead

Tight Turn Ahead for NextRV.co 5 Major RV Fails - Don't Try This At Home

While this situation may or may not have been this guy’s fault, it does illustrate the importance of knowing your rig. A full-size pickup combined with an extra-long fifth wheel trailer makes for a pretty big rig. When you are forced to make a tight turn on a curve such as this one, you need to have A LOT of room. These long trailers don’t bend in the middle but they do crunch and dent very easily.

Major RV Fails Are Preventable

Don’t let these photos scare you away from embracing the RV life. These scenarios are all preventable. It’s a matter of a little prevention, a lot of paying attention and simply learning these a few important rules of RVing:

  • ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS know how you’re going to get OUT of a situation, parking lot, turn, etc. before going INTO it.
  • Educate yourself regarding ALL of the operations of your chosen rig or rental RV – inside and out.
  • Learn the height, width, length and weight of the rig.
  • Test drive the RV or rig before you hit the road. Get used to the turn radius (or lack thereof) and how the rig drives or pulls.
  • Know the rules of the road. You don’t want to have an accident or a ticket ruining your trip.

So now that you’ve had a primer on some common RV fails – don’t try this at home! Be smart, get smart and have a great trip.

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