5 Reasons You Should Rent An RV

No matter what your motivation is, it can be exciting thinking about going on an RV road trip. You might be newly retired and want to enjoy yourself seeing the country. Or you might just be starting out and plan on filling the summers with treasured family memories. Whatever your actual goal is, you should consider renting an RV first. Below we’ve shared our 5 reasons you should rent an RV.

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Motorhome Caravan by Siggy Nowak for Nextrv.co
5 Reasons You Should Rent An RV
Motorhome Caravan by Siggy Nowak


Unless you’ve spent your life on the road driving a big rig or grew up driving the family farm tractor, you may be lacking in experience. Don’t get discouraged, most RVs are very easy to drive. They are comfortable and well-designed. But keep in mind they are also 3-4 times longer and heavier than your compact car. It helps to know what you’re getting into.

While only the largest of the RVs require a special license to operate, it is still a good idea to have some experience or training to drive one. Most dealers or rental agencies offer some basic driving instruction. They will also direct you on how to use everything in or on the rig. When you rent an RV from a reputable RV company, they will make sure you’re ready to hit the road – in a good way.

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Rent An RV Before You Buy

Even if you have already set your mind that you will be buying an RV, it is still a good idea to rent first. You can think of it as a “try before you buy” trial period. You can check out different models and styles before making a commitment to own one. If possible, try to join a caravan or RV tour and learn the ropes from some seasoned RVers.

Once you’ve taken a trip or two in a rented RV, you can answer a few of the following questions before you become an RV owner:

  • How big of a rig do I really need?
  • How big of a rig can I safely operate?
  • Can I realistically afford my own rig?
  • Do I see myself (and family) RVing on a regular basis?
  • Will owning an RV improve my life?

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How Much Traveling Will You Really Do?

Most people envision taking their RV out several times a month and traveling on a regular basis. They see themselves hitting the open road with their loved ones and seeing the sights. Unless you are committed to part or full-time RVing, it will most likely just be a glorious dream.

In reality, the majority of motorhomes and trailers spend the majority of their lives in the garage or in storage. The realities of money, schedules and waning interest will rear their ugly heads. It might be a better economic choice if you choose to rent an RV or trailer for the periodic trips.


Renting an RV can be a great way to keep your annual vacation(s) on or under budget. Your rental RV can hold you, your family, the luggage and any paraphernalia you need. You save money right off the bat when you think about what you won’t be paying:

  • Airfare – Just imagine all those extra baggage charges you won’t have.
  • Car rentals – Some RVs can hold up to 12 people, that’s 2-3 rental cars.
  • Hotel rooms – How many rooms would you need for 12 people?
  • Pets – Fido or Fluffy can go on vacation with you – no kennel charges!
  • Meals – Choose eating out vs good food cooked in the RV or over the campfire.
  • Sightseeing – You can see the sights on your own schedule and route.
  • Souvenirs – You won’t have to pay to ship that gorgeous new knick-knack home.

Off-Season Costs

Along with the initial cost of a new or new-to-you RV, you have to consider the other associated expenses. Many new owners only plan for their immediate trip-related costs. They don’t take the ongoing and off-season costs of ownership into account. There are more than a few.

When you buy an RV, you will be responsible for full-time insurance on it. You must decide where to house your rig when it isn’t in use. If you can’t overwinter it in your driveway or garage, you must put it in storage.

Finally, there is continual maintenance required for an RV or travel trailer. Every time you get ready to take a trip, you’ll need to ensure that the rig is road-worthy and ready. With a rented RV, that is all taken care of for you. You sign the agreement, get the keys and away you go.

Get On The Road

To get started on your RVing adventure, start browsing some of the rigs available for rent. You can use this handy trip planner to help you choose the best options for your needs. It will customize a rental RV suggestion based on your answers to a few simple questions.

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When you rent an RV from RVShare.com, you know they will take care of you and everything to make your trip a great one. Your only task is to decide where you want to go.

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