9 Hot Space-Saving RV Hacks Under $25

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It’s one of the most exciting days when you first bring your new RV home. Whether it is a motorhome, 5th wheel trailer or pop-out tent, you’re ready to make it your own. You and the family can have a lot of fun customizing your new rig. Some of our space-saving RV hacks are for creating more storage or keeping the clutter down while others are all about convenience. An added bonus to all of this organization is the time it will save you when you don’t have to search all over the place for that measuring cup!

Coffee On The Hook by Gundula Vogel for NextRV.co 9 Hot Space-Saving RV Hacks For Under $25
Coffee On The Hook by Gundula Vogel

Space-saving RV Hacks

You will notice a theme with most of the space-saving RV hacks and hints that you’ll come across. It is to go UP. Use your vertical space as well as horizontal surfaces. With the abundance of decorative hooks available on the market, there’s no reason you can’t have style AND function.

Go UP With Hooks And More Hooks

Rustic wall mount with shelf and hooks for RV storage. 9 Hot Space-saving RV Hacks for Under $25 for NextRV.co

This rustic wall mount shelf with hooks is a perfect example of form and function. Hang your stuff up and still have the shelf above for display or storage. Keep it all UP and off the floor.


The kitchen area is undoubtedly where you will be trying to find the most storage in the smallest area. Here are a few popular choices for giving yourself more of that valuable space.

Over The Sink Storage Shelf

Decorative metal shelf to sit over your sink and double your space.  For NextRV.co 9 Hot Space-saving RV Hacks Under $25

Choose a stylish way to decorate your kitchen sink area while also doubling your counter space. This cute shelf is lightweight and sturdy. It is one of our favorite space-saving RV hacks for the kitchen.

Upgraded Dish Storage For Cabinets

Storing your plates and bowls upright instead of laying flat saves a lot of RV cabinet space. Using this plate organizer will also keep the dishes from banging around while you’re on the road.

Door-Mounted Garbage Can

Door-mounted trash can for RV kitchen cabinets. NextRV.co 9 Hot Space-saving RV Hacks for Under $25

An easy way to keep your trash can out of the way and contained while you’re driving is to hang it up. Check out this easy door-mounted trash can that’ll save you lots of space and messes.

Collapsible Bowls and Cookware

Colorful and collapsible bowl and cookware set for RV camping. NextRV.co 9 Hot Space-saving RV Hacks for Under $25

This collapsible and stackable set of brightly colored kitchen cookware includes the mixing bowls, strainer and measuring cups along with a handy whisk. They add a splash of fun color and a whole lot of functionality.

Magnetic Strips (Knives and Utensils)

This pretty and practical magnetic bamboo strip is designed to be a knife holder but as the picture shows, you can hang any of your metal utensils on it. They’ll stay organized and safely away from little fingers and hands.

Bathroom And Other

The bathroom is easily the second-most cluttered area of your RV (and most likely your home). Use our space-saving RV hacks to try to corral some of that clutter and keep the clean-up to a minimum.

In-Shower Shampoo/Conditioner Dispenser

Taking the place of FOUR bottles in your bathroom, this in-shower dispenser puts your toiletries right where you need them. It’s easy to fill and easy to clean.

Hanging Shoe Rack Organizer

Shoe storage is one of those things that plagues everyone whether you’re in the RV or at home with a ton of space. This set of two wall-mounted shoe racks will get those kicks off of the floor and out of the way.

Wall-Mount Towel Racks

Getting your towels out of the cabinets or off of the shelves is easily done with this wall-mount towel rack with a handy little top shelf. It will hold plenty of fresh towels for the whole family.

Be Proactive!

While these space-saving RV hacks will definitely help you clear the clutter and make some space, you will still need to do some things to keep your rig that way. Follow these guidelines to stay clutter-free and organized:

  1. One In – One Out. This applies to almost everything that you don’t need duplicates of. How many sweatshirts are you going to need on this trip? Do you really need four pillows? As you bring something new into your rig, remove an equivalent item.
  2. Do Inventory. It is a wonderful thing to know exactly what you have in your RV and what you’re missing. Have a permanent inventory list for your staples that stay in the rig and make a temporary one for each trip. Make your lists a part of your rig’s checklists.
  3. A Place For Everything. Everything you bring into your RV should have a designated place of its own. If you can’t find a place for something, there are two solutions to the problem:  
    1. Remove another item from the rig and put the new thing in its place.
    2. Maybe it doesn’t really need to go with you? Reevaluate the item.
  4. Regular Cleaning. To help keep your camper clean and organized, it is a good idea to create a schedule. You might do a light cleaning every day after breakfast and before going to bed. It is probably more convenient to keep the heavy cleanings until after each trip is completed and you’re home.
  5. Purge. Once you’ve returned home from your trip it is the perfect time to go through your rig and reevaluate everything in it. Did you use the waffle maker or the espresso maker? How about the boot dryer? Weigh the space things take up against their usefulness on a trip.

The biggest piece of advice we have is to enjoy yourself. Your rig doesn’t have to be perfectly organized and immaculate for you to have a great time. Knowing where everything is does make it a little easier! Let us know what kind of space-saving RV hacks you use to stay on top of the clutter.

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