Campfire Coffee – The Perfect Brew

Coffee has the distinction of being the second-most-traded commodity in the world. In fact, there isn’t a country on this planet where you won’t find a cup of hot coffee on the morning menu. Crude oil is the only thing more sought after than coffee beans and that is probably a debatable topic. One of the best places to enjoy that first cup every day is when you’re out camping. Campfire coffee truly is the perfect brew.

Campfire Coffee - The Perfect Brew for NextRV.co

Why It Is the Greatest Camping Drink

There are many reasons why a person may choose to enjoy their coffee at camp. Here are just a few that come to mind:

  • The Smell! – Who can resist the smell of coffee in the morning. There is nothing more exhilarating and refreshing in the clean, cool air of the early hours than the unmistakable scent of fresh coffee. It gives you that perfect start to the day.
  • The Cost! – There is not a lot of cost involved in making a great cup (or pot) of coffee. All you need is a pot or kettle, fresh water and your coffee grounds. That is it!
  • How Easy It Is! – Depending on your preference, making coffee can be as simple or as involved as you want to make it. The options are fairly endless when it comes to what you can create with some simple coffee beans.

Make It Your Way

  • Customize Your Cup! – Coffee is one of the most customizable and customized beverages out there. While some aficionados will only drink their coffee hot and black, there are many other ways to enjoy it. You can enjoy it hot with custom flavors or cold over ice. Milk and sugar are the most popular additives but there is an entire world of other ways to make your coffee your own. There is a large assortment of flavored syrups to add unique tastes such as caramel, vanilla and hazelnut.
  • Versatility! – No matter what you’re eating, coffee and camping will always go together. Whether you’re grilling fresh trout for dinner or scrambling eggs and bacon for breakfast, that coffee will make the meal. It pairs well with any kind of snack, dessert or meal so campfire coffee is truly one of the most versatile beverages in the world (after fresh water).

What You Need To Make The Perfect Campfire Coffee

Just as there are endless ways to enjoy a cup of coffee when you’re camping, there are also several ways to make that first cup of the day. For one thing, you have to decide how strongly roasted you like your coffee. Do you enjoy a smooth, mild roast or do you prefer a beefy espresso?

Another decision you’ll need to make is if you would rather have your coffee beans already ground or if you’re going to grind them yourself. Do you already have a coffee bean grinder? Once you narrow down some of these basics, you’re all set to start the process.

Campfire Kettle by Adege for NextRV.co Campfire Coffee - The Perfect Brew
Campfire Kettle by Adege

Campfire Cooking

If you prefer (or must) make your coffee and cook your meals over the campfire, you have two basic options:

  • Percolator – With a percolator, you add the coffee grounds to the basket at the top of the kettle and water in the bottom. Place the percolator on the grate or grill of the campfire and wait for the water to start boiling. It will rise up through the tube and trickle back down through the basket and grounds.
  • Water Kettle or Pot – A very basic way of making a cup of coffee is to boil plain water in a pot or regular campfire kettle. Add some grounds to your favorite mug and you have instant (sort-of) coffee.


There is nothing to stop you from having your favorite Keurig or Mr. Coffee in your rig. You can have the exact same coffee that you do at home. It all depends on what you want to lug with you and have on hand. (Besides, half the experience of camping is sitting around the campfire waiting for that percolator to start rattling!)

Campfire Coffee - The Perfect Brew

The Perks Of Coffee And Camping

The most responsible campers make a point of keeping their campfire tended throughout the day and night. This includes the task of keeping that coffee pot full, hot and ready for duty at all times. There is nothing more welcoming than a steaming cup of coffee waiting for you after a day on the lake or mountain. End the day with family and friends while sipping on what many refer to as the “real nectar of the Gods”. Campfire coffee, friends and family, and the great outdoors — it really doesn’t get any better than that.

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