Camping for People with Disabilities

Enjoying the great outdoors is something everyone should be able to experience. This includes camping trips and overnight adventures. Camping for people with disabilities is becoming easier as more campgrounds and parks are improving their accessibility.

Wheelchair on Beach by Lonely Tews for NextRV.co Camping for People with Disabilities
Wheelchair at the Beach by Lonely Tews

Choose the Right Campsite

An appropriate campsite is important — for everyone. Be specific regarding access and facilities needed for your trip. Ask a lot of questions before making a reservation. Keep in mind that “accessibility” may have different meanings to different people.

General Accessibility

Things to look for in consideration for wheelchair access and ease of use include:

  • Wider doorways with low thresholds
  • Handrails
  • Easy ramps with slight inclines and curbs
  • Lower countertops/sinks/mirrors
  • Roll-in showers with seats and/or handheld showerhead
  • Support and grab bars
  • Well-lit areas and rooms
  • Level walkways and paths


There are many groups and legislation that both protect and promote the rights and interests of disabled persons. This includes organizations such as the ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act , the Disabled American Veterans, and the American Association of People with Disabilities.

Various camping clubs and social groups like those below connect people with similar concerns and hobbies. Many discounts and special events are offered throughout the year and all over the country.

Handicapped Travel Club

A popular choice for camping fun and fellowship is the Handicapped Travel Club. The club hosts an annual rally and various get-togethers. It was started by 5 camping-loving couples with disabled family members. The club has grown to include members from all over the United States.

RVing Accessibility Group

The mission statement for the RVing Accessibility Group says it all:

“Raising awareness for inclusive recreational accessibility through education, example and experience to the disabled and aging community, including businesses that serve the public, for the benefit of all persons regardless of age, injury or illness. ”

National Park Service Pass

The National Park Service offers a free lifetime pass for those with a permanent disability. The America the Beautiful – National Parks & Federal Recreation Lands Access Pass provides access or entrance to the over 2,000 sites in NPS family. Large discounts to certain events and activities are available with this pass.

Camping for People with Disabilities

There are a lot of resources for disabled persons, so take advantage of what is available. Make sure that all members of your group have a safe and enjoyable camping trip. Let us know some of your favorites.

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