Get A Good Night’s Sleep In An RV

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It may seem funny that you could get a great night’s sleep in your RV when you’re camping but it really is possible. Whether you splurge and buy the most expensive mattress on the market, invest in a reasonably priced foam mattress or you make do with what you have, you really can get your best sleep in an RV. Just follow our handy tips and you’ll be sawing some logs in no time.

Dog on Bed for NextRV.co Get A Good Night's Sleep in an RV

There is no law that says you have to be stuck with the mattress that came with your RV when you bought it. Many times the RV dealer will allow you to choose a new mattress before you take delivery of the rig but more often than not, you get whatever it has in it. What they often have in them aren’t fit for the dog to use as a bed and it can be a big expense if you have to replace it.

Try Before You Fly

No matter which way you go, once you get that bad boy home you need to test it out before you take off on a long trip. The last thing you want to do is be stuck 50 miles from anywhere dry-camping and find out that your new bed is destroying your back. Give it a trial run while the rig is parked in your driveway for a night or two. It can help you decide if you’re in need of an upgrade or if you sleep in an RV and can live with the lumps and bumps for a while.

Go For The Gold

There are a ton of options on the market today for mattresses. The only things that are limiting you are your budget and how much space you have in the RV’s bedroom area. Making the bed in an RV is a pain in the rear. If your room is tight on space, it is even worse trying to get to the top corners to get those fitted sheets tucked in. Keep this in mind when you’re considering your mattress. The two most common choices are a standard mattress or a memory foam mattress.

Standard Mattress

A standard mattress will usually provide you a most comfortable night’s rest. Installing one in an RV or fifth-wheel can be brutal though. If your rig is set up in one of the most common configurations, it can be close to impossible. You have to try to get that mattress to fit through not one, but at least two doors! You and your helper will probably have to wrestle it up a couple of sets of stairs. And finally, good luck turning it around if you didn’t enter the room correctly to start with. The last insult occurs when you’re trying to get that bed made. It’s not very bendy. Getting the corners tucked in tight can be close to impossible. Especially when you keep banging your elbows and forehead on the wall.

Memory Foam

The new generation of memory foam mattresses is pretty impressive. They are a lot thicker and much more durable than the camping pads of old. With the many different heights or thicknesses available, you can choose a really plush mattress that will easily fit into your bedroom space. The beauty of memory foam is when the weight is taken off of them, they bounce right back. You don’t have to worry about “troughs” or lots of lumps from a person sleeping in one spot over time.

One of the other nice benefits of foam mattresses is that they are delivered in a compact box. They are rolled up into a neat little package and compressed with all of the air removed. To install one in your rig, you simply carry the box into the room, unbox the mattress on top of the platform and let it breathe for a day or so. When you go back in, a cushy mattress is there waiting for you to adorn it with attractive, plush bedding.

How Do You Sleep In An RV?

So how about you? What type of mattress are you using in your rig? Let us know!

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