How To Pick The Perfect RV Campground

If there is one thing that can make or break your RV trip, it is the choice of a campground. This may very well be one of the most important decisions you can make regarding your entire trip. If you get a great one, it will just add to the enjoyment of your stay. Make the wrong choice and it could ruin your trip. Let us help you learn how to pick the perfect RV campground for your needs.

RV Campsite by Siggy Nowak for Nextrv.co. How To Pick The Perfect RV Campground
RV Campsite by Siggy Nowak


That tired old cliche “Location, location, location” really does have some value here. We aren’t talking about the town or zip code of your RV camp. This is about where it is situated in relation to your reason for choosing this overall locale. Answer these questions before you make that reservation:

Easily Accessible

  • Is the RV campground you’re eyeing close to the freeway?
  • Does it have easy off/on access?
  • Can you maneuver your rig in/out of the site?

Proximity To Everything

  • Is the camp close to the sights you’re planning on visiting?
  • Can you make day trips and use this camp as a base?
  • How close is the nearest store or gas station?


Knowing what to expect before and when you pull into your chosen RV camp is crucial. This list is broken down into “needs” and “would be nice” sections. Determine what a camp has to offer and what you will need to make your trip a successful one. Here are just a few to think about:


  • Hook-ups – Do you need a full hookup or will just water and power do?
  • Power – Will 30 amp suffice or do you have to have 50?
  • Pull-throughs – Would you prefer a pull-through for your bigger rig?
  • Laundry Facilities – It’s nice to stay on-site to do your laundry.
  • Full Restrooms – Go take a long, long hot shower after a day of play.

Would Be Nice

  • Kid Playground – Do your kids or grandkids need a place to let off steam?
  • Pet Area – Fido or Fluffy may also require a place of their own to play.
  • Camp Store – An on-site camp store is great for forgotten items.
  • Cable/Wi-fi/Phone – Convenient, but usually not a must-have.
  • 55+ Only – Sometimes it is nice to vacation with just the adults.


As with most things in life, your budget will help determine many of your decisions. Your choice of the perfect RV campground is no different. Don’t spend the majority of your vacation money on just one aspect of your entire trip. Do some research and see what will work for you. Research any hidden costs and find out if you qualify for some discounts.


The costs of a stay in an RV resort or camp will vary and depend on many things. You might end up incurring charges other than your nightly space rental fee. There are many that can and do crop up when visiting different locations. Some of the more common “extra” fees might include:

  • Extra People – Some camps charge more after the first two campers.
  • Pets – Find out if your pet can be on site and if there’s a charge.
  • Oversized Rig – Large rigs and towed vehicles often have extra fees.
  • Extra Vehicle – Fees are often paid for additional overnight vehicles.
  • Shower Fee – There may be charges to use the showers on site.


It’s not all bad news when it comes to the budget. There are many organizations and clubs that offer discounts for RVers and travelers. You can save some money by doing your homework ahead of time.

Find out if any of the organizations you belong to offer travel discounts. Check with your credit cards or even your bank. Some businesses and clubs have special rates for customers and members. If you’re renting an RV, you can save money by booking in advance. Join a caravan or local RVing club to get in on group reservations and discounts. There are many benefits to becoming a member.

Pick The Perfect RV Campground For YOU

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to RV parks and resorts. You need to talk to fellow RVers and read online reviews. Find out what others think of the places you’re considering visiting. Make a list and pick that campground that best fits YOUR needs and wants. So now you just need to go and have a great trip.

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