Leave The Heat Behind, Try Fall Camping

For many of us, fall is the best time of year. The heat is finally letting up and the mornings and evenings are cooling down. Combine the perfect weather for outdoor exploring and great campfire comfort food. You will then have the perfect recipe for a great fall camping trip.

Fall Pond by Jill Wellington for NextRV.co Leave the Heat Behind, Try Fall Camping
Fall Pond by Jill Wellington

What You Won’t Miss With Fall Camping

The heat! The bugs! The overcrowded campgrounds! Seriously, how can you NOT want to go camping in the fall? It’s the perfect time of year to enjoy a calmer, cooler time with your family and friends.


About the only thing you might miss out on during the cooler fall weather is going swimming. The water may be a bit cool for participating in certain water sports. You can still enjoy boating and fishing. Fall fishing is excellent in many areas. The fish are starting to come up out of the cooler depths they hid in during the heat of the summer. Depending on what part of the country you’re in, you may even still get to take some nice swims. Of course, you can also start practicing to become a member of the Polar Club.


Bugs are often a real problem for summer campers. Between flies, mosquitoes, and wasps, it can be a miserable trip. They can actually force you to spend more time in your RV than out in the forest or on the water. The cooler fall weather kills off many of these pests or encourages them to go into hiding. It’s still a good idea to keep bug repellent always on hand. Some of the more hardy pests may linger until it freezes.


Many campgrounds will offer discounted rates between Labor Day and Memorial Day. With many kids back in school right after Labor Day, the site availability goes way up and their prices may go down. The off-season is a great time to visit many of the most popular RV parks without the crowds.

It is often easier to get reservations for off-season trips. Plan on fall camping instead of the popular summer months and you’ll have a wider selection of sites. Some campgrounds won’t even take reservations in the off-season. Instead, they offer first-come, first-serve camping.

What You Will Discover When the Seasons Change

The changing of the season and the turning of the leaves is a popular draw for many travelers. In many parts of the country, it is easy to mark the seasons by plant life and foliage. The fall color rivals that of the spring.

Foliage tours are quite common in the northern states in the fall. Many places like upper state New York and Connecticut hold popular autumn festivals. Visitors come in droves from all over the country. Many even come from overseas to enjoy this most beautiful time in New England.

Campfire Food and Friends

Nothing tastes as good as what your mama makes. And there is nothing better than campfire food with good friends and family. Crisp fall mornings seem to make the coffee and bacon taste better than any other time of the year. The air is clean and the enticing aromas bring even the most reluctant morning riser to the campfire.

Shorter Days, Longer Nights

Cooler afternoons and earlier nightfall mean shorter days. This leads to longer evenings around the fire revisiting the day’s adventures. You may decide to use some of the great apples you’ve picked to make a great cobbler or apple pie over the campfire.

Different Activities

Fall’s cooler temperatures also bring about different celebrations and activities. Hayrides, corn festivals, and cider tastings are just a few things you’ll be able to enjoy. Your hikes will take you on a completely different trip than you may have had just a month or two before. The changing scenery announces nature’s preparations for the coming winter.

Fall fishing and harvest festivals are in full swing. Don’t forget about Oktoberfest and Halloween too! Combine a fall camping trip with any of these activities. You’ll find a new favorite yearly trip to add to your schedule.

Give It a Try

Don’t miss out on fall camping. Visit the northernmost North Woods or something a little closer to home. You’ll be provided a completely different experience from the summer.

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