RV Life Unplugged, What Is Boondocking?

The word “boondocks” probably brings to mind things like “way out yonder”, “in the boonies” or “out in the middle of nowhere”. If that is what you also think of when you hear the term “boondocking”, you’re not far off.

Boondocking by Chelseigh Millar for NextRV.co RV Life Unplugged, What is Boondocking?
Boondocking by Chelseigh Millar

Other Terms for Boondocking

  • Free Camping
  • Dispersed Camping (a popular term with government agencies)
  • Dry Camping
  • Off the Cord Camping
  • Off the Grid Camping
  • Wild Camping

So, What Does It All Mean?

Boondocking can actually refer to any of the above names. They all sound just a little different, but for the most part, they just mean that you aren’t hooked up – to anything. You are camping in your rig with no outside power, water, or sewer lines. You are completely self-sufficient and off the grid and the cord.

The other terms are also pretty self-explanatory once you understand what they are referring to. Dry camping simply means you have no water other than what you bring with you or is sourced from a local stream or lake. Your gray and black water tanks hold your wastewater until you can get back to an appropriate dump station.

Free refers to the fact that you are not paying for space somewhere. Keep in mind though, that many places offer sites with no amenities but still charge a fee. Wild camping and dispersed camping are often the same thing. You’re camping in the wilderness in undeveloped areas that may or may not be under government oversight.

The Benefits of Boondocking

There are many reasons to give boondocking a try. Most of them come from the not-so-great traits of the majority of popular RV campgrounds. High fees, overcrowding/no reservations, low quality to no amenities, and less than desirable locations are just a few. With boondocking, you can avoid all of these irritations.

Depending on your rig and setup, it is possible to dry camp almost anywhere. Obviously, a big rig of 30 feet or more isn’t always going to be able to go where a 4×4 and small trailer does. But there are plenty of wild places that the big guys can easily get to and enjoy too. It’s just a matter of making sure it is legal and safe.

Join us again next week as we will be talking about the different places to go boondocking. Safe travels!

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