Say Goodbye To Plastic Bottles With An RV Water Filter

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Bottled water seems to always be on the shopping list when you’re planning a camping trip. Even if you know the water is good at your chosen RV campground, you still load up several cases of bottled water for the trip. If you aren’t familiar with the campsite or you know their water is nasty, stocking up on water is a necessity. This becomes both costly and unfriendly to the environment.

Plastic Water Bottles for NextRV.co Say Goodbye To Plastic Bottles With An RV Water Filter

One of the most talked-about complaints with campground water sources is the smell. So many different places have water that reeks of sulfur. This terrible odor is reminiscent of rotten eggs. Would you want to bathe in rotten egg water or much less, drink it? Most campgrounds or parks treat their water as a preventative. This is good, except that the water may then take on the scent of the chlorine or disinfectant used as a treatment. It’s a tough situation to sort out but there is help in the form of an RV water filter.

What Does An RV Water Filter Do?

Aside from the smell, there may be other things in the RV campground’s water that we don’t want or need. One of the many possible contaminants lurking in a water supply is iron. We all know that iron is beneficial to our bodies but in large amounts, it can be harmful. Aside from what it can do to humans, excess iron can also be a problem for your RV and its components. Your appliances, showers, sinks and toilets can also become damaged and stained.

Countertop water filter for NextRV.co  Say Goodbye To Plastic Bottles With An RV Water Filter

Removal Of Harmful Contaminants

Iron isn’t the only thing that a superior quality RV water filter will weed out of your drinking water.

  • Odors and bad tastes from chlorine and sulfur will disappear.
  • Any visible contaminants and sediment are removed.
  • Heavy metals like mercury and lead are neutralized. Beneficial minerals such as magnesium and calcium stay put.
  • Invisible things such as herbicides, pesticides and industrial type waste products are eliminated.

What Are The Benefits?

Once you install an RV water filter, you’ll notice an immediate difference. This is true whether you choose an inline water filter at the water source or a unit that fits inside your rig.

Health Benefits

  • The water is crystal clear and pollutant-free.
  • You’re no longer worried about what may or may not be lurking in the water you’re drinking, cooking and bathing in.
  • You are now drinking much more water without even thinking about it. When you don’t have the nasty smell and foul taste, you start to crave a drink of fresh water straight from your RV kitchen tap.

You AND The Environment Win

When you start to add up just how much money you spend on cases of bottled water for each trip you take, it can shock you. Filtering your own water on the road and using your own refillable glass or aluminum bottles will save you a boatload of money. It also takes the guesswork out of where exactly you’re going to store dozens of cases of water – that was probably filtered in a similar method to the one you’re now using anyway.

Most replaceable filters have a life expectancy of about 3-6 months. Compare that to how much water you would expect to buy and use in that time period. Cha-ching!

It’s also so much healthier for the environment as you won’t be adding those horrible plastic bottles to the landfill. Many water filtration companies will also recycle their filter canisters – just check with the manufacturer of the one you choose. Even if they don’t, one canister equals how many plastic bottles in the garbage? How many will this one filter keep out of our streams, lakes and oceans?

Say Goodbye To Plastic Bottles With An RV Water Filter for NextRV.co Photo of discarded plastic water bottle in stream.

Be Green With An RV Water Filter

So go ahead, be green and save the environment. Save some money and most importantly, save your health. Check out which RV water filter works best for you and your rig.

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