Tesla RV – Could it Be True?

Elon Musk has already made the transition to battery powered cars and semi trucks, why not RV’s?

It certainly wouldn’t be a surprising move by Tesla but how long do we have to wait for solar powered RV’s with a 500+ mile range?

Reading through the comments on the Tesla Motor’s Reddit feed it certainly sounds like there’s an interest in the concept but there’s been no official announcement from the company on pursuing it.

Problems with an electric RV?

Battery powered vehicles are relatively new, they are expensive and they are better for the environment or are they? What happens with these vehicles at the end of their life? The batteries contain lithium, nickel, cobalt, and aluminum oxide and I’m no chemist but probably not something we want in our landfills.

Charging an electric RV?

Maybe I’m blind but I don’t see too many charging stations for these electric cars around town. If I’m cruising across Route 66 and my batteries are running low, where do I plug in? Sounds like something else I don’t want to stress about.

I know, I sound old school but until we can confidently travel across country without worrying about where we can charge our RV, I’ll stick with buying gas/diesel powered vehicles.

Don’t get me wrong, I think electric vehicles have their place in our future not only to reduce carbon emissions and give our beautiful planet a break but I don’t think we’re quite ready for a complete transition to battery powered vehicles.

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