The Ultimate 10-Second Throw Tent

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Finally, a solution to a REAL problem! This ultimate 10-second throw tent is currently our top pick for the 2019 “Take My Money Award.” 🏆

Drop the cooler, throw the tent, it’s time to party!!!

The Ultimate 10-second Throw Tent for NextRV.co
“Look ma’ it’s magic!”

I’ve struggled with several tents over the years and it really is the buzzkill step to setting up camp. You just sat in the car for 3 hours and the last thing you wanna do is mess with crappy instructions and 10 wobbly sticks.

Now, I know some of you diehards would claim it isn’t “real” camping if you don’t waste 40 minutes setting up a tent, but for us “fun first, adult later” campers this is our new best friend 🙂

Where to Buy the Ultimate 10-second Throw Tent:

Amazon: Click here to view Instant Popup Tent

Prices: $89 – $120

There are also several sellers on Facebook however their prices are much higher than Amazon and shipping times may be excessive.

The Specs:

The Ultimate 10-second Throw Tent for NextRV.co

The listing on Amazon claims it’s a 4-6 person tent but it will comfortably sleep 3 adults and we know this because it’s currently setup in our backyard. My heart was happy as I tossed it from our back patio to the grass and it just bloomed like a rose in the mid-morning sun. 😂

Total floor space is 12.5ft by 8.5ft and the ceiling is 53.5in from the floor.

You could definitely blow up a queen sized air mattress and still have some room for other gear.

The vented internal rainfly keeps you dry while also keeping moisture from building up inside the tent.

Overall, the ultimate 10-second throw tent is just as good as any other entry level tent but it has that “WOW” factor of instant setup and for us lazy campers, that makes it an easy buy. Grab an extra one today for those family camping trips. Makes it easy to get the kids out of your hair for the night.

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